We support our customers from four very collaborative Technical Groups

Skyward routinely combines experts from each of these areas to provide a comprehensive service or product solution.


Testing & Evaluation

Our Test & Evaluation Group provides direct support to test facilities or utilizes test & evaluation to help customers define the performance or vulnerabilities of their systems and identify enhancements.

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Modeling & Simulation

Our Modeling & Simulation Group includes expertise in Machine Learning, Finite Element Analysis, and Software Development. This group designs, develops, and evaluates tools and systems to help customers improve the effectiveness and survivability of their products, systems, processes and people.

3D Services

Our 3D Services Group assists commercial and government customers with 3D scanning and metrology, 3D design and modeling, inspection services, and reverse engineering functions. This helps customers preserve, convert, inspect, and create or improve designs and models.

Staging Locations

UAS & Geospatial Solutions

Our UAS & Geospatial Solutions Group develops cost-effective systems and provides services involving unmanned systems and geospatial tools to perform real-time surveillance and high-fidelity data collection and analysis. This enhances the ability of our customers to save lives and preserve property and resources.

Our technology developments include our licensed Enhanced Powder Panel fire protection product, Rapid Structural Vulnerability Toolkit (RSVT), Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Anomaly Detector, digital engineering solution for the HGU-68/P Flight Helmet, and SKY-C2 Wildfire Management and Disaster Response Systems.

EPP Breakup

Our service work includes direct Program Acquisition Support to Weapon System Program Offices, System Sustainment, and analysis programs in Engineering and Weapon Systems.