­­­­Skyward Software Engineering

Skyward provides software engineering services including product solutions to U.S. Government and industry partners. With more than 35 years of experience in Software Engineering, encompassing architecture, design, development, testing and delivery. Our team partners with FEA, Machine Learning and AI teams to provide ease of use in solving hard scientific problems.  Utilizing various operating systems and High-Performance Computers (HPC) to get answers to hard mathematical problems faster than ever before.


Every solution starts with understanding the entire problem, allowing us to provide detailed Project planning and management of an engineered software application.


The SDLC is used for development and delivery of software applications to our customers.  Our software engineers are trained in Agile allowing us to meet customer requirements every time and on time.


Our team integrates Skyward proprietary FEA Analysis software with Third-party FEA products, giving our customers options for getting the answers they need fast and reliably, while having access to multiple options.

Our team provides client/server API for commercial products to integrates with our proprietary FEA Analysis and demonstrates capabilities by integrating with products such as Unreal Engine, and API available from Government agencies such as AFSIM.


Skyward Software Engineers develop software with cyber security as their top requirement in every software delivery to the Government.  Our team is trained in software vulnerability and cyber security.  All COTS software is scanned and approved, and software written by Skyward passes vulnerability analysis.


  • Client/Server TCP/IP, API, GUI Development, Web App and mobile development.
  • DevSecOps , CICD, Delivery using RPM for Linux and MS Installers for Windows
  • C, C++, golang, Java, Fortran, bash, Linux, Windows, HPC, Git, GitLab, Jira, SVN, Visual Studio, Docker, CMake, Putty, Cygwin. ASP.Net, IntelliJ IDEA, Grails, Toad for Oracle, vi, emacs, debuggers, Smart Bear Code Collaborator, Test Complete,, GOTs, COTs, MATLAB, Autodesk 2D & 3D CAD, Abaqus FEA
  • Web Development, JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS, WordPress
  • Databases, PL/SQL, Oracle RDBM’s, Toad, data integration with CRM’s Tableau, TargetX, Medicat