Skyward’s Sky-Struc helps customers understand the structural vulnerability of their product early in the design process when small changes can make a big difference and big changes don’t cost as much

Enables the development of highly survivable products

Skyward’s Sky-Struc helps you rapidly determine the residual strength of damaged structures like aircraft, buildings, or bridges and engineer your structures to survive acts of terrorism or damage caused by military threats, or impacts by drones, birds, or engine debris.

Rapid and detailed analysis

Supports government and private industry

Cost effective and scalable

Key Features

Better: Rapidly determine the probability of failure due to propagating damage

Faster: Processes 1000s of damage scenarios per hour

Cheaper: Reduces the need for physical prototyping and test articles

Scalable: Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can run on hardware ranging from the size of a cellphone to super computers, or even live on an aircraft itself

Digital Engineering: Impacts design cycle early enough to enable necessary changes

Analyze: Aircraft, buildings, bridges, and other beam-like structures’ response to damage

Easily Create Inputs: Automatically creates an RSVT model from simple shell models

Aerodynamic Loading: Automatically applies aerodynamic loading

Detailed Output: Provides detailed output allowing analysis of residual strength, stresses, strains, and deflections