Our Mission Statement

The mission of Skyward, Ltd. is to provide high quality professional services and custom solutions to U.S. Government and Industry Partners, focusing on the survivability and mission effectiveness of their people and resources, including aircraft, ground vehicles, watercraft, designs and structures.

We achieve this by tapping into our talents, experience, flexibility and efficiency as a small business. We leverage partnerships with large and small business to ensure success in all required technical areas, utilize a “wingman” approach to provide personalized support to customers, and combine unique expertise to solve difficult problems.

Our Start

Founded in 1997, Skyward, Ltd. began with a vision to provide customers with more personal and detail-oriented professional services. Today, Skyward has expanded its capabilities to provide custom product solutions and tools that enable our customers to get better answers faster and at a lower cost.

Our expertise includes test & evaluation, modeling & simulation, and game-changing areas such as unmanned aerial systems (UAS), additive manufacturing, and machine learning. A unique team of skilled engineers and scientists provide professional services and custom solutions to U.S. Government and industry partners, specializing in survivability and mission effectiveness.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and adaptable to provide our customers with personalized support and unique solutions to difficult problems.