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System Sustainment

Skyward has been involved in aircraft system sustainment issues for many years.  Skyward has significant experience in Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR), now more commonly referred to as Expedient Repair.  Skyward’s personnel have experience in technology development for non-destructive inspection (NDI) techniques to perform damage assessment and in advanced repair techniques.

Skyward performed a survey of all the U.S. military Services examining aircraft damage assessment and repair technology needs in the Joint-Service Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) Capability Improvement Program (BCIP).  This Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office (JASPO)-funded program resulted in the development of a Roadmap to assist in upgrading BDAR capability within the Services to meet current and emerging warfighter mission requirements.

Skyward’s 3D scanning/metrology and reverse engineering capability can assist customers with a number of issues related to sustainment.  Skyward can assist with creating Interface Control Drawings (ICDs) from parts and tooling, when original drawings do not exist or are not available electronically.  Skyward can assist in creating 3D parts by reverse engineering the original part through 3D scanning, even enabling 3D printing of the original part.  Skyward is examining the implementation of these technologies to replace aircraft parts in operational environments, for example.  Scanning an undamaged composite surface, a mold can be created to allow for the layup of a repair for a damaged surface in the same location.  3D models of damaged parts can be used to 3D print certain replacement parts in the field, reducing the downtime for the aircraft significantly and preventing potential shipment of the system back to a depot.  Numerous other examples are possible.  Please see our 3D Services page for more information.

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