3D Scanning

Skyward preserves, converts, inspects, and creates or improves our customers' designs and 3D models

3D Scanning & Metrology Services

Skyward can capture 3D images and post-process for 3D printing, inspection, and a host of other requirements.

We utilize a variety of state-of-the-art 3D scan technologies (i.e. short/long range, portable handheld, blue light, white light, laser, etc.) and in-house expertise to acquire high resolution/high-fidelity scan data of a wide range of physical objects, varying in both size and complexity. Skyward is an approved Artec 3D service provider, providing service in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas.

Skyward can scan objects from small electronic and mechanical components up to automobiles, military combat vehicles, aircraft, ships and buildings. Skyward can use 3D scanning for full dimensional component, prototype, and first article inspection; reverse engineering of obsolete parts; aging aircraft and automotive historical restoration; engineering design and materials analysis; artist model creation; archeology preservation; and gaming, animation, videography/cinematography, rendering, etc.

3D Scanning Workflow:

Multiple scans are captured of an object or surface with extra emphasis on complex or complicated areas. The scans are aligned and registered to create a single 3D point cloud. Fusing scans together produces a triangulated mesh, which can be edited and optimized for a variety of post-process applications, including full dimensional inspection and CAD geometry creation. Finished scans can then be exported for rapid prototype 3D printing using emerging additive manufacturing technologies.

We use a variety of 3D scanning tools, including:

  • Artec Eva
  • Artec Spider
  • Surphaser
  • Breuckmann Smartscan/StereoSCAN

Ongoing Commercial Projects

Our talented 3D team has worked on numerous commercial projects that highlight not only the advanced tools at our disposal, but our ability to scan objects with complicated, organic shapes. We have supported customers involved in the arts, restaurant operation, automotive design and restoration, aerospace applications, firearms development, and machining applications.