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3D Modeling and Reverse Engineering

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Skyward can create 3D models of scanned objects or manipulate 3D models provided by customers to accomplish a variety of jobs. Triangulated scan data can be exported into the format of your choice (i.e., STL, Obj, Ply, VRML, Ascii, PTX and others) or converted directly to CAD for geometry creation, design modification, and/or manufacturing. 3D models can even be exported into file formats compatible with most additive manufacturing 3D printers. 2D engineering drawings can also be created from scan data or 3D models, when necessary, for production. Skyward can assist in reverse engineering projects, using scanning technologies to define an object in 3D space and then create a model and drawings which did not exist before. In many industries, 2D blueprint drawings may be all that exists to describe a part. Scanning and 3D modeling can create an electronic means to archive the information more efficiently and with greater longevity.

Parametric 3D Modeling:

Design Modification

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