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3D Scanning and Metrology

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Skyward utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art 3D scan technologies (i.e. short/long range, portable handheld, blue light, white light, laser, etc.) and in-house expertise to acquire high resolution/high fidelity scan data of a wide range of physical objects, varying in both size and complexity.

Examples of 3D scanning technologies employed by Skyward include:

Full Dimensional Component Inspection:

Applications/Industries of 3D scanning include:

3D Scanning Workflow:

Multiple scans are captured of an object or surface with extra emphasis on complex or complicated areas. The scans are aligned and registered to create a single 3D point cloud. Fusing scans together produces a triangulated mesh, which can be edited and optimized for a variety of post-process applications, including full dimensional inspection and CAD geometry creation. Finished scans can then be exported for rapid prototype 3D printing using emerging additive manufacturing technologies.