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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

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Skyward is leveraging its defense experience and individual expertise, coupled with UAS (or drones), to offer commercial customers and government organizations service support with data collection, real-time monitoring, and data analysis in a variety of unique applications. Among the initial applications targeted by Skyward are land and water resource management, fire-fighting support, hazardous materials response and situational awareness. Skyward has assembled an internal team of experts, is building a number of partnerships, is investing in commercial-off-the-shelf and developing UAS technology, and implementing a development plan to provide customers with one-of-kind support in this emerging market. Skyward received its first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 333 Exemption in October 2015 to enable the company to pursue commercial interests. Skyward has built a company framework to aggressively pursue UAS interests and is currently performing demonstrations of targeted UAS technologies.

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